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Our Story

Island Maca

Once upon a time there were 3 friends who grew up together in Toronto, Canada. These 3 pals loved rooting out adventure as they hopped around the globe.

After one of these adventures, they came back to Canada with a kernel of an idea, let's make superfood snacks full of adventurous flavours...that taste ridiculously good. They looped in 2 more friends and combined their talents and experience to create Localle.

At Localle, our goal is to delight your taste buds and create a sense of wellbeing and adventure though flavourful, exotic ingredients, and the culture of their origin.

Think Global. Snack Localle.™

About Our Kitchen

For over 2 decades, our facility has been making some of your most favourite brand name cereals, clusters, bars and granolas. We decided to take all those years of experience to start this new journey.